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I Am Raising Two Children & Running For Office | Refinery29
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Hillary Clinton Answers FaceTime from Grandchildren During VoteMama Event
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Vote Mama on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!
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Ms. Magazine, May 2022

What Moms in Politics Really Want This Mother’s Day: Campaign-Funded Childcare


M Live, February 2022

Michigan political candidates could use campaign funds for childcare under new bills


Morning Consult, July 2021

How Much America's Lack of Childcare Infrastructure Is Costing Women

20200928_Boston Globe

Boston Globe, September 2020

The cost of running for office


Forbes, August 2020

Electing A Mother As VP? Vote Mama Resoundingly Says Yes

20190731_WSHU Public Radio

WSHU Public Radio, July 2019

New York Approves The Use Of Campaign Funds For Childcare Expenses

20190730_Hudson Valley News

Hudson Valley News, July 2019

New Law In NY Encourages Mothers With Young Kids To Run For Office

201907_Sunday Civics

Sunday Civics, July 2019

How to Start a PAC


Newsday, March 2019

Hillary Clinton headlines fundraiser for Vote Mama PAC


Fortune, January 2019

Every 2018 Female Congressional Candidate With kids Under 2 Lost. This PAC Aims to Help Moms Win

20181022_Good Morning America

Good Morning America, October 2018

How candidate Liuba Grechen Shirley is changing how moms can run for office


Refinery29, October 2018

The Magic Of Liuba Grechen Shirley, The Suburban Mom With Her Eyes Set On Congress


The New York Times, August 2018

She's Trying to Pull an Ocasio-Cortez. Her Target: Pete King.


NPR, May 2018

FEC Says That Candidates Can Use Campaign Funds For Child Care

201804_Washington Post

Washington Post, April 2018

Want women to run for Congress? We need someone to watch our kids first.


The Chronicle, April 2022

Washington Allows Campaign Funds to Cover Child Care


The 19th, January 2022

Pumping, voting, taking leave: Legislators who are mothers face specific challenges


State of New Jersey, October 2020

Governor Murphy Signs Legislation Allowing Public Office Holders and Candidates for Public Office to Use Campaign Funds for Related Child Care Expenses

20200922_GirglieGirl Army

GirlieGirl Army, September 2020

What To Do With Your Rage While You’re Mourning RBG

Vote Mama Post

Texas Standard, June 2020

Statement of Solidarity

20190730_Texas Standard

Texas Standard, July 2019

News Roundup: How MJ Hegar’s Childcare Funding Victory Builds On A Previous FEC Ruling

20190727_The Atlantic

The Atlantic, July 2019

The Job of Campaigning Is Extremely Family-Unfriendly


The Huffington Post, May 2019

States Are Finally Letting Candidates Use Campaign Funds for Child Care


Two Broads Talking Politics, February 2019

Vote Mama with Liuba Grechen Shirley

20190116 & 20190725

Bustle, January 2019

This Mom Changed The Rules When She Ran For Congress & Now She's Paying It Forward

20181020_The New York Times

The New York Times, October 2018

New York Times Endorses Antonio Delgado, Liuba Grechen Shirley, Perry Gerchon, Anthony Brindisi, Tom Malinowski and Mikie Sherrill


The Washington Post, September 2018

Hugs, flags, tears, kids: Inside the heart-tugging world of today's super-viral campaign ads


CNN, May 2018

FEC approves NY candidate's request to use campaign funds for childcare


Today, May 2018

This mom running for Congress wants to use campaign funds for child care


The 19th, March 2022

Arizona’s statehouse lifted COVID precautions. Two lawmakers worry about what it means for their family

20210928_Insider NJ

Insider NJ, September 2021

Vote Mama Endorses Eight State Candidates

20201008_New Jersey Globe

New Jersey Globe, October 2020

New law allows candidates campaign funds to pay for child care

202000826_The 19th News.jpg

The 19th News, August 2020

Delaware official rejects statehouse candidate’s request to use campaign funds for child care


TIME, April 2020

If America Doesn't Invest in Childcare, Who Will Watch Our Kids When We Go Back to Work?

20190730_New York Post

New York Post, July 2019

New York candidates can tap into campaign funds to cover child care expenses


NBC, July 2019

Vote Mama: How this new PAC is helping mothers run for office


The Huffington Post, April 2019

Moms Are Fighting To Use Campaign Funds For Child Care


Ms. Magazine, May 2022

What Moms in Politics Really Want This Mother’s Day: Campaign-Funded Childcare

20190116 & 20190725

Roll Call, January 2019

Vote Mama helps moms with young children to run for office


MSNBC, October 2018

Could Representative Peter King Go Down?


CNN, September 2018

The Personal Is Political, Officially, in Long Island Race for Congress


Washington Post, May 2018

Candidate can use campaign funds to pay for babysitter, FEC rules


Newsweek,  April 2018

Hillary Clinton Backs First-Time Female Candidate's Request to Use Campaign Funds for Childcare