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Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee is a diverse roster of elected officials and former candidates across the country. This committee provides endorsed candidates with support, mentorship and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to run as a mama.

Yvette Valdes Smith

County Legislator

Dutchess County, NY

My husband, our two sons, and I live in the town of Fishkill and send our eldest to Glenham Elementary School.  We love our school community, having been active with our PTO, we constantly seek ways to improve and support our local schools.  In our spare time, we enjoy hiking with our dog Rosie, riding our bikes, watching Beacon Junior Baseball, supporting local businesses and restaurants, cooking, and gardening together. We are lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty, history, and community here in Dutchess.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Stony Kill Farm and have sat on the Environmental Management Council for the Dutchess County Legislature.  I believe in putting in the work to ensure that we all have equal access to a high quality of life. As you’ve noticed, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of change in our local area throughout the years. And like many of you, I too am concerned about maintaining the community we all love.

Over-development, increased traffic, and environmental concerns will negatively impact our neighborhoods’ and schools. I will always fight to ensure that greedy special interests will be challenged and stopped from negatively changing our way of life. I’ve dedicated my life to public service – whether it be teaching students in the classroom, mentoring fellow colleagues and educators, volunteering to help struggling families, or advocating for local Hudson Valley community initiatives. I have seen first-hand what concerned citizens can accomplish for one another and for themselves.

Seeing my family, friends, and neighbors struggle throughout the pandemic has given me strength to help us all do better. But it also showed how much we all believe in and care about this beautiful community – and that has served as inspiration to run for County Legislator. We owe it to each other, our youth, and our elderly, to make sure we are all in this together for the right reasons. I believe our government should look more like you and me, and I believe that our government should listen and learn from more people you – hard-working and diverse Americans who believe in the possibility of our community.

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