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Electing Moms.

Vote Mama is the first PAC in the country dedicated to increasing the political power of Democratic moms by disrupting the systems that hold women back through direct financial support, mentorship, and endorsements.

1. endorse

We endorse Democratic mamas from School Board to U.S. Senate to normalize moms running for office and get more moms into office.

2. fund

We provide direct financial support to disrupt the systems that hold women back when running for office.

3. mentor

Vote Mama connects our candidates with moms who have run for office before, so that on your hardest day, you can talk to someone who has been through it.


Women make up more than half of the U.S. population but only 28% of the 118th Congress. 

By the time U.S. women are 45 years old, 85% are mothers.

Yet, only 7% of federal representativesand just 5% of state representatives are moms with minor children. 

The old boys' network is alive and well. We are fighting back by building the mamas' network.

as seen in 


Vote Mama Candidates

The success of our mission is best measured not by the number of moms who win their elections, but by the number of moms deciding to run for office. Meet our candidates.


Tennessee State House District 75, 2024

Allie Phillips

“Running as a mom with a young child in our public schools gives me insight that a lot of our current representatives don’t have. I’m here on the ground level seeing what is happening within the schools and community. I understand women’s reproductive healthcare and the need for paid parental leave. An endorsement from Vote Mama would solidify why I’m running. Vote Mama stands for everything I do and more.”

Copy of 231534635_10119921400545434_1909890017068533989_n.jpeg

Michigan State Senate District 8, 2022

Mallory McMorrow

“They’re right when they say that having a baby changes everything. When I first ran for office, I was newly married and not yet a mom, able to throw myself into the campaign every night and weekend. Now I’m running for re-election as a mom to a one-year-old, and I know that every challenge I face trying to balance work and motherhood is often that much harder for so many moms fighting a system that works so hard against us. We need working moms in office, and I’m so grateful for Vote Mama for not only being in my corner, but for working mamas in every hall of power.”

Copy of IMG_0554-2_E.jpg

U.S. House of Representatives AZ-03, 2024

Raquel Terán

“As a working mother, I understand firsthand the struggles faced by families and how we can make real positive change in people’s lives. Moms like me are worried about the future of our children, the sustainability of our planet, and ensuring we have the best education for our children. We understand the importance of issues like paid family leave, affordable childcare, and accessible healthcare. Vote Mama's endorsement recognizes and supports the vital perspective and experiences of moms in politics, providing a platform and resources to amplify their voices and advocate for policies that address the needs of all families and children.”

Samra Headshot (1).jpg

New York State Senate District 55, 2022

Samra Brouk

“No one can prepare for all that motherhood entails, and they certainly can’t prepare for what it’s like to become a mother during your first term in office. This beautiful, challenging time in my life has emphasized to me just how important it is that we support mothers and parents—before, during, and after pregnancy. I know that Vote Mama shares my view that motherhood is an asset, not a liability, and I’m honored to have their support.”

Copy of Tracey Osecki Family Photo.jpg

Council Rock School Board, 2023

Tracey Osecki

“I am running for School Board because of my children. I want them to have a world class education - that's why we moved to this school district. Unfortunately, our neighboring school districts have fallen into the hands of far right extremists and they have focused on culture wars rather than education - I can't let that happen here. This election is about showing my children, and other Council Rock students, that when you are upset about the direction of your community - you can take action. I am grateful to have the support of Vote Mama and thankful to the politically active mamas who have paved the way for me.”


Virginia State Senate District 33, 2023

Jennifer Carroll Foy

“With support from Vote Mama, I’m able to prepare my twin’s lunches and canvass launches, run my kids to soccer practice and run for office. The support Vote Mama provides helps to address structural and financial barriers that exist for working mothers, like me, when we run for office. Now is our time to have moms in all of the halls of power bringing our lived experiences to policy making.”

Copy of 20220423-135506-Nikema Williams in the Inman Park Parade.jpg

U.S. House of Representatives GA-05, 2024

Nikema Williams

“I will always fight for investments in child care, Medicare for All, and maternal health because like many moms, I have been that unpaid caretaker.  I have lived the reality of struggling to care for my family. Vote Mama's endorsement  is an empowering reminder to amplify the possibility of tomorrow for moms from every zip code and every walk of life.”


Virginia State Senate District 31, 2023

Russet Perry

“I'm running for office so that everyone – including young women like my daughter – will no longer have to continue to fight for the right to make decisions about our own bodies. This issue is personal to me, and I’m tired of having to fight for these rights, not just for abortion care but for all reproductive health care. I'm also running to ensure our students and children can receive a world class education without worrying about their safety. We need more representation for moms, especially those with young kids, at all levels of government.”


U.S. Senate Illinois, 2022

Tammy Duckworth

“From paid leave to child care and so much more, being a mom informs how I legislate and what I focus my work on. Working families—and our entire country—are better served when more Democratic, working moms are elected to office, and I’m proud to receive this endorsement.”


VA State House, 2023

Kathy Tran

"It's not enough for us to just elect moms: it's time to normalize moms running campaigns & serving in elected office. The Vote Mama community has been so important to me as I navigate raising my kids & serving my community, and I'm proud to support them!"

Run as aVote Mama Candidate

 Vote Mama has endorsed over  500  candidates running for office.
We take pride in taking a chance on candidates by endorsing months before establishment organizations jump in.

Who is the “Mama”
in Vote Mama?

Mamas are self-identified.

Mamas can be cis women, trans women, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people.

Mamas are primary caregivers for biological children, foster children, and formally or informally adopted children under the age of 18, or children of any age with a disability. 

Mamas are committed to progressive values and passing legislation that works for
ALL families.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 11.39.41 PM.png

What policies do the Mamas endorsed by Vote Mama support?

Abortion rights:
Codifying Roe v. Wade

Workplace Equality:
Paid Family Leave & Ending the wage gap


Gun Reform:
Universal background checks


Trans rights:
Gender-affirming school and healthcare policy


Anti-racist governing policies

Universal Childcare & Pre-K

Climate Justice

Are you a Mama running for office?

Become a Vote Mama candidate
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