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Electing Moms.

Vote Mama is the first PAC in the country dedicated to increasing the political power of Democratic moms by disrupting the systems that hold women back through direct financial support, mentorship, and endorsements.


We endorse Democratic mamas from School Board to U.S. Senate to normalize moms running for office and get more moms into office.


We provide direct financial support to disrupt the systems that hold women back when running for office.


Vote Mama connects our candidates with moms who have run for office before, so that on your hardest day, you can talk to someone who has been through it.

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Did you know…

Women make up more than half of the U.S. population but only 28% of the 117th Congress. 

By the time U.S. women are 44 years old, 86% are mothers.

Only 7% of representatives are moms of children under 18 years of age.

Vote Mama Candidates

The success of our mission is best measured not by the number of moms who win their elections, but by the number of moms deciding to run for office. Meet our candidates.


As a Congresswoman, every day I work to make the world a more progressive place for my Carter and all little kids like him. With the help of Vote Mama, we’ll elect more progressive mothers who will join me in this fight for Equality and Justice

for ALL.”

Nikema Williams

GA - US Congress (GA-5),  2020

Vote Mama supports women who know that their ambition and potential as candidates shouldn't be limited by having kids––in fact, Vote Mama knows that being moms makes us stronger. I'm so proud to be a Vote Mama alum, and I can't wait to support Democratic moms up & down the ballot!"

Dr. Michelle Au

GA State House, 2020


It's not enough for us to just elect moms: it's time to normalize moms running campaigns & serving in elected office. The Vote Mama community has been so important to me as I navigate raising my kids & serving my community, and I'm proud to support them!"

Kathy Tran

VA State House, 2019

When you're a mama running for office, you need support, and you need it early. From the very beginning of my campaign for Congress––before the establishment backed me, before donors believed in me, and before voters trusted me with their votes––Vote Mama was there for me. I'm so proud to now be the Texas State Chair for this incredible organization."

Candace Valenzuela

US Congress (TX-24), 2020


We need more moms in Congress so that the issues that directly affect working families—like early childhood education, paid family leave and access to healthcare—get the attention they deserve in Washington. These are game-changing policies for families. I'm so appreciative of the backing of Vote Mama and the support they provide to moms who are juggling the day-to-day responsibilities and pressures of raising kids and running for office.”

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara

US Congress (NC-11), 2022

Vote Mama was incredibly supportive and positive throughout my campaign. My state chair was a wonderful sounding board and cheerleader.  Thank you for amplifying my campaign and walking with me to the finish line."

Annie Warshaw

Skokie, IL School Board, 2021


Run as a Vote Mama Candidate

Vote Mama has endorsed over 150 candidates running for office. We take pride in taking a chance on candidates by endorsing months before establishment organizations jump in.

Who is the “Mama” in Vote Mama?

Mamas are self-identified.

Mamas can be cis women, trans women, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people.

Mamas are primary caregivers for biological children, foster children, and formally or informally adopted children under the age of 18, or children of any age with a disability. 

Mamas are committed to progressive values and passing legislation that works for ALL families.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 11.21.44 PM.png

What policies do the Mamas endorsed by Vote Mama support?

Abortion rights: Codifying Roe v. Wade

Workplace Equality: Paid Family Leave & Ending the wage gap

Gun Reform: Universal background checks

Trans rights: Gender-affirming school and healthcare policy

Anti-racist governing policies

Universal Childcare & Pre-K

Climate Justice

Are you a Mama running for office?

Click here to become a Vote Mama candidate.

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